My name is Nicole and I am a freelance designer/developer while being a digital nomad. My home base is Miami, FL where I spend some time out of the year. My hope is that this blog will highlight my travels and experiences, inspire you to live outside of the box, and share resources that make the digital nomad lifestyle possible.

I have been blogging off and on here in some form since 2008!

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  1. Asia 11 years ago

    When I think about the kind of stuff I was creating at your age, and even what I’m doing now, I am completely awestruck. Envy is a wasted emotion. You have inspired me. Your website is very impressive. Keep it up! You’re bound to go far.

    • no 10 years ago

      She’s not 16… Way older than that now.

      • Nicole Dominguez 10 years ago

        I am sixteen. My seventeenth birthday is in May.

  2. Aidan 11 years ago

    Wow, such young and promising age. The future lies with the creativity of the young generation.

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