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Spending The Day at Six Flags Theme Park in Mexico City


The average tourist in Mexico City probably doesn’t know there’s a Six Flags theme park just half an hour from the center of the city! Visiting this theme park was a fun way to spend a full day with huge rollercoasters, live shows, parades, and characters.

Tickets run at about $28 USD. To save money at Six Flags Mexico City, you can bring a 600 ml bottle of Coca-Cola to get 100 pesos off admission. We paid about $21 USD each, with a 150 peso off coupon that we found in the tourist pamphlet area in our hotel. Definitely keep an eye out for these discount flyers if you are out and about the city!

The park was similar to a theme park you would find in the states, although some things did stand out to me. Mind you, I have never been to a Six Flags in America, so my experience is being compared to Universal Studios and Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Mainly what bothered me is that some rides and activities had an extra cost, like laser tag and bumper cars. It wasn’t expensive, maybe a few dollars a person, but it caught me off guard. Another annoying thing was that on some rides, you are not allowed to bring your purse – you are forced to put it in a locker that costs 20 pesos an hour. This was the most frustrating thing, because in Universal Studios (if memory serves me correct) you can lock your bag for free and there’s signage that clearly says to lock your bag before you get in line.

Highlights of our day at Six Flags Mexico City included having yummy crepes for breakfast, playing laser tag and getting to meet and take photos with a Seal. We also planned the day right to be able to catch the live holiday themed shows and parades. Of course we rode most of the rides, and enjoyed them!

Tips for Visiting Six Flags Mexico City

Get the Flash Pass, which allows you to skip the lines at 3 or 10 attractions. We went with the 3 attraction, 100 peso route because we did not plan on riding the huge roller coasters

Skip the main line at the entrance. If you do not plan on claiming a discount, I believe you can skip the main line and walk towards the gates to buy your ticket there. We waited in a long line to claim our discount.

Get a map and a schedule at the information center, as you will not want to miss any scheduled performances or activities that only happen once or twice throughout the day. There were activities like a dolphin performance and serpent viewing, as well as a parade and a christmas dance.

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