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How To Find The Best Prices on Flight Tickets: Flight Search Engines and Alerts


Perhaps one of the most common questions I see in travel Slack channels and Facebook groups, is “how do you find the cheapest flights?”. As a digital nomad with about two years of frequent travel under my belt, I rely on a few secrets and tips to get the best deals on flights. In this post I’ll just be covering flight search engines and alert tools, although I will cover other resources in another post.


Google Flights

Most times, I start my flight research with Google Flights. The interface and ease of use allows me to get an overview of the best available options, and also allows me to get a birds-eye view of which travel dates are cheapest. But perhaps one of the best features that Google Flights offers is the ability to track flight prices, and get email alerts as soon as a flight price goes up or down. With this method, I was able to score a no-frills flight from Newark to Berlin for about $280 USD.



Another tool that I use to track flight ticket prices is a mobile app called Hopper. The reason why I use it alongside Google Flights is because it gives you nice overview on the cheapest dates to schedule your flight. And it also tells you if you should wait for a better price, or if it thinks the price won’t go any lower than it is at the moment. This last bit is important, because often times when you start a price alert, you are just kind of waiting for a drop in price that is not guaranteed, especially if the flight is coming up soon. So I like to know if its worth waiting or just booking immediately, and Hopper lets me do that.



Kiwi is a tool I recently started using, for deeper research on flights and possible routes.I use Kiwi mostly when I don’t have a great idea of where I am departing from and/or arriving to, because you can do things like search “Europe” to “Asia” and get pretty good results on the most affordable price. Other flight search engines can’t really do that. However, once I find a flight I like, I don’t book with Kiwi – book directly from the airline. Super important to not book directly with Kiwi, as they pass on their finders fee to you and I have also heard of problems as they are a third party that handles your reservation. It’s worth noting that Kiwi also offers travel alerts, but I don’t personally use them.


Are there any other flight search or ticket alert services that you use? Would love to know what else is out there for travelers on a budget!

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