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How To Ship Nail Polish: ORM-D Labelling & Free Download


In this post I’m going to go over how I ship and label nail polishes within the US with proper ORM-D labelling. Typically nail polish is considered flammable, therefore they are not supposed to be shipped via air mail. To be on the safe side, you need to ship via Ground Mail and add an ORM-D label to your package.

It is your responsibility to properly label your packages as containing flammable commodities.

From Wikipedia:

ORM-D (other regulated materials for domestic transport only) is a marking for mail or shipping in the United States. Packages bearing this mark contain hazardous material in a limited quantity that presents a limited hazard during transportation, due to its form, quantity, and packaging. Consumer commodity is a hazardous material that is packaged and distributed in a quantity and form intended or suitable for retail sale and designed for consumption by individuals for their personal care or household use purposes. This term can also include certain drugs or medicines.

To comply with rules and regulations in shipping nail polish and other flammable commodities, you’ll need to add an ORM-D label to your package. An ORM-D label looks like this: (find on etsy!)

This label is applicable in the US for all shipping methods, including USPS and UPS, etc. Also keep in mind that most shipping services are via air (ie: Priority Mail, etc). Use these services at your own risk in conjunction with an ORM-D label. The proper way is to ship specifically via ground mail, such as UPS Ground or USPS Parcel Post. There are also other requirements stated by the USPS, such as wrapping the item in a secondary container to prevent leakage. Personally, I will wrap the item in a secondary bubble bag, or seal with a poly bag and an impulse sealer for a leak proof seal.

For more, watch how I go over how I personally ship nail polish in this video below.

I am not a professional or a lawyer, please follow the advice at your own risk and do your own research. You are liable for the contents of the packages you ship.

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