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Places to Work in Palma De Mallorca for Digital Nomads

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I spent the last week in Palma de Mallorca, Spain and was pleasantly surprised that it was relatively nomad friendly. In off season, Airbnb’s are plentiful and cheap and there are not too many tourists around. Not to mention, I got a plane ticket for 7€ each way from Berlin on RyanAir. Including carry on...Read More

Tips and Advice on Visiting Tulum, Mexico

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Tulum, Mexico is on everyone’s radar as tourists and celebrities alike are flocking to this small, cozy jungle-like town. Just two hours away from Cancun, Tulum is almost the polar opposite of the party-obsessed, tourist trap that Cancun can be. And personally, I visit Tulum a few times per year! Tulum is a small town,...Read More

How To Find The Best Prices on Flight Tickets: Flight Search Engines and Alerts

Perhaps one of the most common questions I see in travel Slack channels and Facebook groups, is “how do you find the cheapest flights?”. As a digital nomad with about two years of frequent travel under my belt, I rely on a few secrets and tips to get the best deals on flights. In this...Read More