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Tips and Advice on Visiting Tulum, Mexico

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Tulum, Mexico is on everyone’s radar as tourists and celebrities alike are flocking to this small, cozy jungle-like town. Just two hours away from Cancun, Tulum is almost the polar opposite of the party-obsessed, tourist trap that Cancun can be. And personally, I visit Tulum a few times per year! Tulum is a small town,...Read More

How To Find The Best Prices on Flight Tickets: Flight Search Engines and Alerts

Perhaps one of the most common questions I see in travel Slack channels and Facebook groups, is “how do you find the cheapest flights?”. As a digital nomad with about two years of frequent travel under my belt, I rely on a few secrets and tips to get the best deals on flights. In this...Read More

Why I Moved Out of My NYC Apartment, Sold All My Stuff, Quit My Job, and Became a Digital Nomad

More than a year ago, I began seriously considering changing my life and becoming a digital nomad. At the time I had a cool full-time job and lived in the highly sought-out neighborhood of Williamsburg Brooklyn. From the outside, I had it all and my life was great. But on the inside, I wanted more;...Read More

Hotel Parque México in Condesa, Mexico City Review

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The Hotel Parque Mexico is a beautiful boutique hotel, with every square foot of this place giving off an artisanal vibe. There are colorful  pieces ofMexican art everywhere; from the floor tiles, to the handmade furniture, to the wonderfully decorated lobby. Even the facade is a rich indigo purple color, which can be spotted easily from afar....Read More